• Breath and Blood

    The Breath of an Angel and the Blood of a Devil are in my mind, inside my soul, moving like a bird in a cage whitch it can't escape.
    Who is this guilty person sitting in front of me ? Why does she smile holding a bloody heart ?
    Her grin steals me love, and gives me the distress of life.
    Corps of my lovers are lying under her feet, their waters stains her white mask ; she touches my face, and wipes my tears.
    I remove her mask and discover a young man's angelic face.
    His eyes look inside me, and he relieves my pain.
    My complain wails over the land, over moutains and rivers. The sky weeps with me and drowns this world in its waters.
    "Recueil d'un Maudit", Texte VIII
    « La pétale de Fleur闇の夢 – Yami no Yume – Rêves des Ténèbres »

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